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The Viceroy, Sugar Beach

The Viceroy provided an amazing view of the Piton’s, two of St.Lucia’s beautiful mountains, as the resort is located directly between them. Along with the spectacular view  the resort was filled with very friendly staff that were ready to help you. Overall, we both really enjoyed the various activities they had to offer. We had the chance to night snorkel and snuba, two amazing experiences. We also went tubing, kayaking, fishing and paddle boarding. We both really liked our villa which had two rooms and two bathrooms along with a plunge pool and a big porch and amazing views to the sea below.The accommodations, location, and activities were more than enough to satisfy us! We both really enjoyed the Viceroy and would love to return soon!


Overall, we discovered that St.Lucia is a very beautiful and interesting island as it is different than most other Caribbean islands. It is very mountainous and because of this there are many cool adventures and activities. You can stop at several different points in order to see the amazing views from the mountains. Along with this, you can climb the Gross Piton. We successfully accomplished this long hike after 3 hours. Although it was very challenging and long it was worth it because of the amazing views. I would recommend climbing it because it is one of St.Lucia’s biggest attractions and it is something you have to do just so you can say you did it! Another popular activity in St.Lucia’s mountainous terrain is the zipline canopy tour. The zipline was very fun and it was so cool to zip through the jungle and see the town form above.

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