Anna’s Travels Through India

I could not ask for more…India has blown my mind! There is so much to see, so different than anything I have ever seen in all of my travels. There is no way to escape the everyday life and culture that you see everywhere.

So many feelings…. busy, so many people, people sleep anywhere and do as they want, so much poverty, dirty, and lots of confusion. All this is SO cool though..cows, monkeys, goats all in the middle of the roads and markets…

I feel like I am on another planet or have I stepped back in time? It is almost too hard to believe that India is on the same earth, however,I love it so much! 

I am amazed at how inexpensive all the unique textiles and jewelry are in comparison to shopping at home. I could spend all day buying gifts for my friends back home. 

We have had some once in a lifetime experiences ….one of the most exciting happened in Jodphur at the Umaid Bhawan Palace where King Gaj Singh, II still is in residence. He celebrated his “lunar” birthday on December 26th when we were staying there. Due to our friends from India were lucky enough to have been invited to watch his birthday reception.  It was amazing and so fun to see a KING and how this culture is so different than ours! 

I have lots more to share but will have to do so later but for anyone who wants a cool adventure you must come to India!! 

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