Anna’s Travels through Spain & Morocco

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Dear Mom:

We just finished school. I miss Morocco but am glad to be back in Seville!! It was such a cool experience and I feel like it went by sooo quickly!! All the buildings were white and blue and it reminded me of Greece. In fact when we were walking to our hotel the first night it reminded me of India as there were tons and tons of people on the streets!

It was cool to be here when Ramadan started because they began fasting. We saw a forest fire one day on the way to Tangier and it was so cool/scary. We stopped once after sunset because our guide and bus driver had to eat because it was part of Ramadan. We were in the perfect view of part of the forest fire.

The city we went to yesterday called Chefchaouen was unbelievably pretty as it was all white and blue..white for the sun and blue for the mosquitos!! There were sooo many cute pretty doors that were shades of blue….mom you would have loved seeing all those pretty doors!! We also got to see where the woman came to wash their clothes which is so different than anything we can imagine doing!!

I had soo much fun in Morocco and despite all the bus rides etc it was an amazing experience. Our Riad was gorgeous and it had tons of arches.

Eventhough this was just a quick visit to Morocco I am anxious to return soon one day. Our studies in Seville are going well and we are learning alot and doing lots of fun after school activities. I love my host family and the wife, Pelar, is an amazing cook. It is so fun to experience their culture first hand and love having to just speak Spanish!

I can’t wait to see you and share all. Much love, Anna


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