My adventures in the Peruvian amazon were unbelievable. Living in the jungle for a week was a great experience. The wildlife along with the nature was indescribable. There were many different species of animals, which became evident when listening to “the sounds of the jungle.” –We were often told to enjoy the sounds while living in the jungle; they were truly amazing.

We took several hikes through the trails every day. Each time we discovered something new, whether it was something we could eat or something interesting from a plant, such as paint coming from the leaves. The most interesting part was when we ate a termite! It was fascinating to be able to walk through the jungle and see all the things the plants produce such as medicines, dyes, and foods such as chocolate.

Aside from the frequent trail hikes we took, we spent the majority of our day working at the lodge. We built a pool for the endangered side-neck turtles and planted seeds for reforestation. I liked how we built a pool using our resources; it was cool to be able to dig a hole, lay a tarp down, and pump water from the river in order to make a pool!

One of my favorite afternoon activities was making a raft and floating down the river! I also liked visiting the animal shelter and learning about the animals they have there. However, overall I really enjoyed making our own jewelry using seeds from the jungle. We made rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings! It was cool to see the same rings that we made in stores because I knew just how they made them! I really enjoyed my experience in Peru and wished it could have been longer!

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