Anna’s Travels Through Venice & Paris With Cousins & Grandparents

Venice and Paris Blog: Anna Wallace (14 years old)  

I have just finished the trip of a lifetime; one that I will certainly never forget! My grandparents started a great tradition of taking their grandchildren on an unforgettable trip when they were close to the age of thirteen. This year it was my turn along with my two cousins: Peter (13) and Patrick (11). We traveled through Venice, Italy and Paris, France for a total of 9 days. Exploring the two cities was so amazing and having my grandparents with me made it 100% more special. Paris specifically was so nice to have my grandparents around as they have fallen in love with Paris and I am sure they consider it to be their second home. It was great to have my grandpa’s French skills 🙂 and both of their knowledge of the city. I was so thrilled to attend this trip with my grandparents and now that it is over I can only wish for another one!

The city of Venice is amazing! There are no cars or even motorcycles on the island. There are only 100’s of islands separated by the many canals or “streets” with lots of tiny streets to walk through as well as several bridges to cross the canals. The most fascinating part to me was the canals or streets.  I thought it was so cool that what we would know as roads were “waterways” in Venice. Their source of transportation is boats. The way I look at is that the streets or places where we would see cars is the waterways/ canals and what we would call sidewalks would be the streets that people walk through in the city. And lastly, the main street or highway  we are use to would be referred to as the Grand Canal in Venice!!! It is so cool and because it is so different it gives you the sense that you are in another country!! The food is also AMAZING especially for children as we all love pizza and pasta!

Paris, on the other hand, is a magnificent city where one can see many historical sights; one being the Eiffel Tower of course! As well as the Mona Lisa, Monet’s Water Lily’s, Versailles etc etc. The best of seeing all this is that it is all better than one can imagine! The Eiffel Tower is way bigger than I thought and it is so amazing to see especially when it is lit up at night it is soo cool!! There is so much history to learn here but it is soo interesting especially Versailles. Also it is not too complicated at least for me the only thing I have troublekeeping track of is all he King Louis’: I cant tell the difference between Louis the 14th and Louis the 18th!!! One of my favorite things so far has been putting a lock on the bridge!! It was so cool to look at all the other locks and and to lock my own on there!! As you know Paris is known as the city of love. Therefore one is suppose to place a lock on the bridge and write their name and it symbolizes everlasting love for a couple. I thought that was so cool and the entire bridge is covered with locks; you cant even see the rail!!

Venice Blog by Patrick Trask (11 years old)

I liked all the food in Venice. I liked how I was on the water because most cities aren’t on he water but the water smells bad. I like how there are no cars. I like our hotel (San Clemente Palace) and how it was on it’s own island. I loved the gondola lesson because it was a good experience learning how to row because the way you get around in Venice is by gondolas and boats so it was cool to know how to row one.

Paris Blog by Patrick Trask 

Paris was really fun because there were lots of places to see and go. Even though it     was my second time there was still so much more for me to discover. I enjoyed seeing Versailles and having an awesome tour guideand driver who told us a lot about the history of Versailles. The lock bridge was also very cool because I can maybe come back and find it and if I remember the code I can take it off.   I like the hotel (Esprit St Germain) I stayed  at because the people at the desk were very nice and I liked the place where you eat breakfast.

Venice Blog by Peter Trask (13 years old)

I liked Venice because many cities around the world have water, however, this city has boats that represent their main source of transportation. I enjoyed the food markets with many types of fish, fruits, and vegetables that I have never seen before! The graffiti on the walls was the one thing that bothered me as it ruined he scenery of the city.

Paris Blog by Peter Trask

I enjoyed Paris the most because there were more sites to see and more history behind them. Versailles was a great example of this because many people lived there for many generations and each person had a story behind them. For example, there were many many King Louis and the history behind them were veryfascinating. The Eiffel Tower was a towering monster and I could not keep my eyes off of it! It was soo fascinating to see the structure in person! It was much larger than I imagined. It was so magnificent when it glowed in the evening!

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