Tennessee: Blackberry Farm

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Blackberry Farm is a little slice of heaven in the middle of rural Tennessee.  While not convenient to much of anything other than Knoxville, people come from near and far to experience the simple bliss of the Farm – and now, Blackberry Mountain.  It’s a testament to the Beall family and their vision that this pretty property nestled in the Great Smoky Mountains remains one of the country’s best so many years after its founding.

The cares of the world slip away once you arrive at the BF sign and make your way through the white picket fence and along the rolling pastures to the reception area, where Blackberry’s friendly staff await. They are among the nicest and most accommodating folks anywhere.  Many of them are local, lifelong TN residents who have risen, much like a biscuit reaching its golden potential, through the BF ranks over time.

Once checked in and tucked into your cottage, you can do as much or as little as you choose.  Of course, you will eat – and eat well as Blackberry Farm earned its chops and notoriety on its culinary program.  The food isn’t light, but it is delicious and authentic regional fare.  Indulging in BF’s comfort food and extensive wine cellar for a few days will be good for your soul, if not heart.

(Our more health-conscious and fitness-oriented clients may be better suited to Blackberry Mountain, where the food is lighter and the activities more rigorous.)

But for now, back to the Farm, where the pace is leisurely.  You can visit the spa and the shops; hike through the foothills; take a guided farm tasting tour with stops along the way to visit the truffle dogs, the seed expert Gardener John, and the Blackberry brewery.  You can sit in rocking chairs and watch the world go by.  And then, you will sleep well on their signature spa bedding and Amish bed frame, all of which is available to order through the Blackberry shops and website.  Who wouldn’t want to take a little bit of the Farm home?  Sweet dreams.

~Brenda, April 2019

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