Discovering Paradise at Little Dix Bay, Virgin Gorda, BVI

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In the movie “What Dreams May Come,” people create their own heaven from their favorite places and moments in life. My trip to Little Dix Bay has now become my heaven; Privacy, relaxation and absolute natural beauty surrounding you. The service, accommodations and overall appeal of the property exceeded my expectations by far.

The first evening I arrived, the sky opened up and attempted to damper my trip. Mother nature had nothing against Little Dix Bay.  When I first arrived, I was greeted by an upbeat and friendly staff at the airport.  We were transported by the Little Dix boat from the Beef Island Airport to the property.  Hours of layovers, talkative plane neighbors and bad airport food vanished from my memory as I saw the property in the distance.  The check-in process was seamless. I was handed a rum punch and a packet of information.  Before I was off the short boat ride, my room was ready and I was checked-in.  This set the tone for the rest as the trip as everything was absolutely effortless (with the exception of the workout classes.)

My room was spectacular.  It was a beach front cottage and took about 11 seconds to walk from my room out to the water.  Everything was so clean and fresh from the spa music in my room to the beautiful light wood furniture.  There were two things I loved the most about my cottage, the first being the private outdoor shower.  I must have showered four times a day (sorry environment) and I now despise showering indoors.  I am considering the logistics of building an outdoor shower in Richmond but I have a feeling it won’t be the same.  My second favorite part of my room, outside my patio, entangled in coconut trees was a hammock.  This would be my bed each morning as I woke twenty minutes early so I could lay out and swing, welcoming the day gradually.

The first evening, I met with Sophie, the sales manager of Little Dix Bay (and Jumby Bay).  Three components made the night perfect; pinot noir, duck breast and great conversation.  The Sugar Mill, the highest end restaurant of the three restaurants on property, overlooks the water and is perfect for a romantic evening (or sales dinner).  Now I should mention- this was a Fitness Trip.  This may not be evident by my talking about Rum Punch and duck breast but we DID get our work-out on.  Believe me.

The third day we began our fitness classes with FranklyFitness, a great fitness company out of New York.  Frank, the owner, is a young trainer that tries to stray as far away from the treadmill and weight machines as possible.  No gym equipment- I’m happy.  Fitness should be something you enjoy and be closely related to activity, a shared philosophy between myself and FranklyFitness.  Our first class was with Kettle Bells outside overlooking sunset stained ocean.

All of his classes incorporate a Pilates/Yoga movement so you are engaging as many muscles as possible and stretching while you are toning.  Now being that my usual workouts consist of an occasional tennis game and power walks with my dogs, I was a little worried about keeping up with the classes.  Frank and Taylor (trainers) kept my positive energy up and were very personal with all the individuals in the class.  Needless to say, I rocked the work out classes.  I was feeling really great until days later when it took every ounce of energy just to sit down.  No pain, no gain, right?  The fitness retreats are a great way to visit the resort and not feel like a complete glutton on the trip- (it is very easy to eat and drink your way through the property, as everything is so delicious!)

Fitness classes not your complete idea of fun?  Hate the gym?  Ok now we’re speaking the same language.  There were so many activities for all ages on property.  The kids center was great and completely complimentary during the day.  You can have a mid-day cocktail and swim knowing the kids are off having a blast as well.  If you want to lay on the beach, relax with spectacular spa treatments and take quiet walks on the beach you completely can.  If you want to snorkel with massive sea turtles, scuba, paddleboard, take a boat to picnic on an isolated beach- you can do that too!  I had the perfect balance of relaxation and fun activities.  I felt completely alone at the right moments and completely entertained when needed. I could have a fitness class, sunset cruise and snorkeling with my new friends and end the night peacefully; coke and rum in hand on the beach with nothing in sight but the crashing ocean and beaming full moon.

If your family wants to visit or maybe a group of girls- the Villas and Houses are spectacular, complete with private pool and grill.  A chef can come cook one night, or you can take a cooking class together.  Each house and villa come with a golf cart, a quick 5-minute ride down to the property. It is conveniently close but still so tucked away and isolated with the most breathtaking views of the ocean.  For smaller families, the beach view cottages are a great choice with tons of connecting room options.  Just the two of you?  Little Dix Bay allows you to be the star in your own romance movie.  The Jr. Suite is the perfect accommodation for a romantic getaway with views and complete privacy.  Little Dix is spectacular, whether you are with family, a group of girlfriends or alone- it is absolute Paradise. 

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