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Can a wine novice take a wine vacation?

 If you are like most wine drinkers, you enjoy a glass or two at dinner but couldn’t name the soil varieties of Burgundy and, in reality, may not care.  So, could you, the wine novice, really enjoy a vacation to wine country?  Is a trip to Napa for serious winos and collectors only?  Quick answer: NO!

However, the best way to experience Napa Valley (novice or expert) is to start by staying at Meadowood.  Tucked into the trees on the quieter side of Napa Valley, Meadowood is the perfect embodiment of California luxury: natural surroundings, top-notch cuisine, and a truly incredible spa.  But did you know Meadowood also has their own estate sommelier and an expert onsite who can help plan every aspect of your time in Napa?  In that case, what should a wine novice do in wine country?

  • Take a private Sensory Evaluation or Napa Valley Cabernet class with sommelier Monica Zanotti to learn about the region’s most popular wine or how to taste wines properly.  (What DO they mean by “stone fruit” anyway?)
  • Let Meadowood arrange a day of wine tasting with a knowledgeable, private driver to fun and friendly wineries that cater to wine drinkers like you!
  • Have lunch at Clif Family Winery and let the happy staff tell you all about their wines and farms while munching on the best bruschetta you’ve ever had.
  • Make an appointment at the Meadowood spa for an Essential Journey treatment.

But what if I AM a connoisseur or collector?

Even more reason for you to stay at Meadowood as they can help you gain access to winery tastings that are not usually open to the casual tourist.  Guests get their $200/per person tasting fee at the gorgeous Promontory Winery waived, and Meadowood has worked practical miracles in gaining guests access to cult wineries that most people haven’t even heard of.

So yes, there is room for you no matter if you’ve just started drinking wine or have a private cellar in Hong Kong.  There truly is something for everyone in Napa.

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Submitted by Morgan, February 2020

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