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If your family is like mine, we all enjoy traveling together.  I am always amazed at the things my children see that my husband and I may miss and the experiences, sights and smells that stick with my daughters long after we’re home.  A child’s perspective on travel is rich with unique impressions and insightful in ways only a child could eloquently explain!  I feel like we are opening up the world to our daughters and giving them opportunities to broaden and nurture their understanding of people and cultures across the globe.  As we prepare for an upcoming family trip, our 14 year-old daughter, Anna, said she’d like to share her love for travel through a blog here on this site.  Great idea!  Stay tuned for Anna’s take on India and Lizzie, our 17-year old daughter’s, wonderful photography skills! 

I’d also like to invite your children to share their experiences here on this site.  So please, invite your children to post their blogs.  I’m sure all our children would love to hear from their fellow “experts” what’s really cool out there in the world!

Please find Anna’s initial thoughts below…


My love for travel comes from my mother, Caroline Wallace.  Going halfway around the world for a week seems like no big deal to her.  Every time I set foot on a plane or train bound for a distant destination I instinctively break out with a wide grin.

I love traveling because of nice hotels and accommodations, an endless supply of towels, swimming pools on rooftops, and rooms with fancy bathrooms and closets big enough for me to sleep in.

Travel also offers a much more entertaining learning environment than the classroom.  Obviously, I don’t want to have long boring tours all of the time, but being able to see, smell, hear, and taste all of the unique differences in each country fascinates me.  Learning a few words or phrases in a new language and then trying them out on native speakers is also lots of fun.

I take Spanish and my two trips to Spain have been very useful in my studies that would be difficult to achieve in Algebra.  My next adventure is in a few days when my parents and sister and I embark to India.  Stay tuned, as I have to brush up on my Hindi, but I will post adventures from the Taj Mahal in my next blog…

Anna Wallace


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